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Mapping structural, functional, metabolic, and electrophysiological connectivity in healthy and stroke patients with a hybrid PET/MR system and hdEEG, and whole brain modelling of these relationships 

Maurizio Corbetta (PI), Alessandra Bertoldo (PI), Mohammad Hadi Aarabi

This project aims to understand whether the strength of functional/structural connectivity among different cortical/subcortical regions correlates with glucose consumption. Another key goal is to understand what the best EEG correlate of fMRI connectivity is in healthy subjects and in stroke patients. Specifically, in stroke, we are interested in breakdown of inter-hemispheric connectivity and abnormally strong intra-hemispheric connectivity, which are the two most common phenotypes of dysfunction in stroke. We will model fMRI/EEG connectivity in whole brain models developed by collaborator UPF-Deco both in health and stroke, in order to identify EEG features that could be used as targets for neurostimulation. A final goal is to assess differences in brain organization or effects of stroke on networks between male and female subjects.